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The Health Information Feedback Group provide valuable feedback on resources that health professionals create for their clients. Having input from community members is a great way to make sure the information is easy to understanf and we haven’t included too much health jargon.


Many people still rely on health information resources they are given by their health professionals. So, it’s important the information is easy to understand so people can make the best health decisions for themselves.


Health Information Feedback Group flyer


If you join the group your feedback will be greatly appreciated, and used to improve our resources. You will be sent resources by email and can give feedback in a number of ways:

  • by return email
  • by completing a feedback template form
  • by calling the Health Literacy Officer.

You can choose to give feedback on as many or as few resources as you like.


Click here to apply for the Health Information Feedback Group.


If you want to know more, contact the Health Literacy Officer.

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