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April 2019 – The Australian Bureau of Statistics releases the 2018 Health Literacy Survey Results

This survey provides insight into how Australians feel they score in the nine domains of the Health Literacy Questionnaire. The results show where we can most improve health services, and which populations have the lowest health literacy. It highlights that health literacy is an important equity issue, with the most disadvantaged fairing the worst.

See the Health Literacy Survey results here:

April 2019 – The Clinical Excellence Commission has launched the NSW Health Literacy Framework!

The Framework features four priorities for action by health organisations that aim for system level change in the way we deliver health care, to improve safety and quality.

These are:

  1. Patients, families and carers are active partners in their health care
  2. Staff communicate with patients, families and carers in ways they understand
  3. Health facilities and centres are easy to access and navigate
  4. Our health systems are built to be sustainable and reliable for every patient, every time

It includes recommendations for health leaders and health staff to implement to improve health literacy. Look closely and you’ll see examples of the Northern NSW Health Literacy Project leading the way!

Find the Framework here:

April 2019 – My Health Learning now has a Health Literacy and Teach-back course

Health Literacy and Teach-back is a podcast series. The series emphasises the

importance of health literacy in providing health care that is safe and supports

improved patient outcomes. The series contains discussions with national and

international experts in health literacy. Techniques such as ‘teach-back’ and ‘chunk

and check’ are introduced.

Log in to My Health Learning at to access the course.

March 2019 – Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District lead the way in evaluation of their system-wide health information development framework

 Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District have improved the understandability and actionabilty of patient health information. This was achieved by implementing a system-wide process for health information development. This provides a framework for other organisations to implement a similar process that facilitates partnership with consumers to address health literacy.

Read the article here:

November 2018 – The Sydney Health Literacy Hub and Health Literacy Lab are launched

The Health Literacy Lab hosts resources about health literacy and a community of practice for health professionals.

Visit the Hub here:

The Health Literacy Lab is a health literacy research group based at the University of Sydney, who develop and test interventions and solutions to improve health literacy.

Visit the Lab and see current research here:

November 2018 – the Agency for Clinical Innovation’s Consumer Enablement Guide was launched

 Health Literacy is featured as one of the 11 ways to support consumer enablement. The site also features some great resources and tools to help you support people to better manage their own health.

Find the guide here:

October 2018 – Free, online teach-back course developed for health professionals

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and Deakin University teamed up to create an online teach-back training course. This is a free course that takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete. There are also useful resources to help you implement Teach-back in your practice.

Access the course here:

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