Tips for a Safe and Healthy Christmas

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Follow this simple Checklist for a safe and healthy Christmas.

Christmas can be busy and stressful. Here are some simple things you can do to enjoy your holiday and stay healthy.


Click here to print your Checklist for a Safe and Healthy Christmas.


Do you have enough scripts and medications to get you through the public holidays?

If you are going away, do you have an up to date list of your medications?

Christmas can be stressful or lonely. The Mental Health Line can offer support: 1800 011 511

If you have a health concern but your GP is closed, you can call Health Direct for trustworthy health advice: 1800 022 222

Avoid hurting yourself or others, drink safely this Christmas. Visit for information on managing your alcohol intake

Using Dr Google? These tips will help you understand if you are reading reliable information:

  • Is it clear who wrote the material? e.g. is the author a government organisations or qualified health professional?
  • Is the site trying to sell a product or is sponsored by a product? Information may be biased
  • Is the information current? When was it last reviewed?
  • Is the site Australian? Information from other countries may not be relevant here



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