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Health Literacy Workshops for Health Professionals
Health Literacy is about communicating in a way that empowers people to access, understand and act on health information and services.

Learn skills and strategies for health services and health professionals to communicate effectively, including:

  • Writing Consumer Friendly Health Information
  • Using Plain Language
  • Using Teach-Back to confirm understanding
  • Checking the health literacy of your organisation
  • Plan and implement¬†a Health Literacy Improvement Project
  • Health Literacy for Accreditation and Professional Development

Health Literacy Community Workshops

Health Literacy can help us to look after our own health and the health of others. Book a health literacy workshop to learn how to:

  • Get the most out of your next medical appointment
  • Support family members and others to look after their health
  • Find reliable health information online
  • Use your online MyHealthRecord

Who will benefit from a Health Literacy Workshop?

  • Health professionals, leaders and managers
  • Community members and carers
  • Anyone who works in health or a related area
  • Anyone who wants to lead the way in health literacy
  • Anyone with an interest in health and effective communication


Workshops can be tailored to meet your purposes and can be held at a time and venue that is convenient for you. The Health Literacy Project covers all of Northern NSW, from Grafton to Tweed.

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