Case Studies

Tweed Health for Everyone Super Clinic led the way in patient engagement as part of the Primary Health Network’s Winter Strategy Program 2019.
“I’m not very good at saying when I’m not good…I don’t want to be a bother or take up your time…This has changed my whole attitude – I know I can call.”
New Street is a new service in Northern NSW that needed an information brochure to let people know about the service.
“The final brochure is colourful and interesting, but still meets health literacy standards and conveys the necessary information.”
The project looked at barriers to screening for Aboriginal people, one of the highest under-screened populations. It also included health literacy training and action planning.
“Even with the barriers we encountered, the overall result was fantastic! Every single person and every single conversation matters.”
Grafton and Maclean Hospitals identified that they needed to update their patient information books.
“The Quality and Risk Manager said this process greatly improved the patient information books from the original versions and was worth the effort.”
In February 2017 the Work Health and Safety Committee at the new Byron Central Hospital reviewed how easy the site was to navigate.
“They developed an Action Plan with recommendations to address these problems and where possible, changes were made.”
JargonPlain Language
Pre-opBefore surgery
ECGElectrical picture of your heart
PRNWhen needed
SupineOn back
Discharge planningMaking a plan to get out of hospital
FastDo not eat during this time
SatsOxygen in blood
PathologySomething is not working right
Verbal comprehensionUnderstanding what other people are saying
FebrileHigh temperature
GaitWalking pattern
BilateralBoth sides
AbstainDon’t do
UF goalHow much fluid we want to take off
Primary health assessmentHealth check with GP
ProphylacticTo prevent
QID4 times a day
PivotChanging from an old strategy
AF(atrial fibrillation) Heart flutter/irregular heart rate
Nil by mouthNothing to eat or drink
Upper limbsArms
DyspnoeaShortness of breath
AnalgesiaPain relief

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